Friday, 05 January 2018


The importance of generating knowledge within their main courses of action drives members of Diagrama International to work on different research projects in collaboration with several organisms, entities, universities and research centers. This contributes to increase and share the knowledge between these organizations, which work together to achieve similar goals and principles towards the effective and comprehensive attention of disadvantaged and vulnerable people, always from the prospective of respect and promotion of Human Rights.

The main actions in this area are:

  • Promotion and development of research and studies to extend the knowledge of the psychosocial reality and its transformation.
  • Diffusion of the obtained results through publications and informative events aimed at specialized professionals and social agents.
  • Arrangement of meetings, congresses and projects to promote the exchange of opinions and experiences amongst professionals.
  • Ellaboration and coordination of research related to its areas of action, generating knowledge and specific and efficient intervention strategies as their main purpose.
Imagen de la noticia
Imagen de la noticia
Imagen de la noticia