Fundación Diagrama, Cirugía Solidaria and the Vihda Association provide sociosanitary care for 2,200 people in Kenya

Monday, September 18, 2017

Between the 5th and 12th of July, Fundación Diagrama (Spain) and the Murcian NGO Cirugía Solidaria carried out 205 surgeries, including a range of different procedures, on a total of 2,200 patients in Maragua Hospital (Kenya), as part of a joint sociosanitary project developed in collaboration with the Vihda Association and the Murang’a County Government Health Department.

The project, coordinated by Diagrama and its Kenyan counterparts, involved the organisation, coordination, logistical support and management of resources and patients in order to optimise the impact of Cirugía Solidaria΄s sanitary team, comprised of 19 professionals (doctors, surgeons, anaesthetists and nurses) who normally work for the Murcian Health Service.

Throughout this working week more than 400 free surgical operations were carried out at the Maragua Hospital, 44 of them on children. The main diseases treated were hernias, eventrations, tumours (particularly of the breast, uterus, ovaries, thyroid and parotid gland), goitres and hydrocele. Furthermore, 130 ultrasound scans took place and more than 2,000 patients were seen by medical professionals.

Besides these operations, training courses for healthcare staff with a large component of practice in the operation theatre were carried out for the healthcare staff of this centre and others in Murang’a County. In total, about 55 doctors, anaesthetists and nurses participated in the training. This is the first time that a surgical NGO has taken on a project of this scale in a public hospital in Kenya.

The professionals from the Hospital and the Department of Health seemed very satisfied by the work that was carried out, as much by the quality of the procedures as the human connection with the whole team. The Government of the County thanked Fundación Diagrama and Cirugía Solidaria for their work, also expressing their desire to pursue the collaboration in order to offer this training and surgery scheme in the other hospitals of the region.