Diagrama Spain, the NGO Cirugia Solidaria and Diante Bou Bess provide health assistance to nearly 1,700 people in Senegal

Thursday, January 12, 2017

From the 4th to the 16th of December, Fundación Diagrama (Spain) and the NGO Cirugía Solidaria (from Murcia, Spain) accomplished 347 surgeries of different types and more than 1,300 medical consultations in the Region of Thiès (Senegal) thanks to a joint project of healthcare assistance that both organisations develop in this country since 2013, in collaboration with the Senegalese association Diante Bou Bess.

During those days, Diagrama’s and Diante Bou Bess’s work was focused on the organisation, coordination, logistic support, resource management and patients assistance in order to optimise the intervention carried out by Cirugía Solidaria’s health team. Moreover, the Senegalese entity offered its premises to host the medical team (the Polyvalent Training Centre of Sandiara), where the health, education, training and employment projects are mainly developed.

Beside the surgeries and consultations of intern medicine and Otorhinolaryngology, the hospitals of Thiadiaye and M’bour held three courses to complete the local professional’s training in the fields of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), ultrasound and podiatry. At the end of these training periods, they obtained a certificate from the American Heart Association, one of the highest scientific referents of cardiology in the USA.

Once the project was finished, the partaking entities donated medicines and medical materials to the Hospital of Thiadiaye in order to improve their assistance resources