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Diagrama Spain and Azul en Acción successfully finish their campaign in Senegal after nearly 300 eye surgeries and 1,500 ophthalmological consultations

Thursday, November 17, 2016
Imagen de la noticia
Imagen de la noticia

From October 20th to November 5th, Fundación Diagrama and the NGO Azul en Acción developed in Sandiara (Senegal) an ophthalmological and optical campaign thanks to which over 1,500 people were assisted in Sandiara. The aim of this project was to offer a specialised assistance to the population of that region for different illnesses that have an easy solution in our environment, but mean a serious problem in countries which cannot afford them.

The work team was composed of 36 professionals from Fundación Diagrama, Azul en Acción and the Senegalese Association Diante Bou Bess, amongst medical, logistical and administrative staff, who worked jointly. In order to accomplish this campaign, all the equipment was transported from the Ophthalmological Hospital Ciudad de Murcia (Spain), as well as the consumables and medicines. Furthermore, a group of logistic technicians moved to the area where the intervention would take place to set up the consultation rooms, surgery rooms, anaesthesia, revival, etc.

This way, the Hospital of Thiadiaye hosted 300 surgeries, especially different types of cataracts, but also illnesses such as trabeculectomy, pterigium or trichiasis; more than 1,500 medical consultations were carried out, where a high percentage of glaucoma was found among the population; over 1,100 eye tests were accomplished; and nearly 800 graduated and sun glasses were provided.

The collaboration between Diagrama and Azul en Acción in Senegal will continue in future announcements of the project, because it is estimated that nearly 150,000 ophthalmological surgeries are needed in Senegal, a number impossible to reach with the current means in the medical centres in Senegal and the economical possibilities of the patients.

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