Friday, 05 January 2018

Communication and awareness raising

Diagrama International is aware of how important it is to divulge the socioeducational and sociosanitary needs of disadvantaged people, in order to create a social conscience that helps to normalize their situation and develop a comprehensive attention service. Because of this, it spreads information about the activities it carries out through the collaboration between its different members, enabling the development of the adequate informative frame to promote thought and social awareness.

Besides the awareness projects started by its members, Diagrama International’s communication area prepares informative contents and divulging international campaigns in the areas of work of the organization.

The more relevant news resulting from the individual and cooperative work of the members of Diagrama International are available in this section, together with videos, articles, photographic galleries and an e-mail direction to provide a direct contact with the communication area.

Imagen de la noticia
Imagen de la noticia